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Best Blog Posts I’ve Read All Week 8th to 14th March 2010

March 14, 2010 2 comments

This week I found some real gems. As usual I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Watch the Big Stuff and Sweat the Small Stuff from This was a really interesting read. Rieva Lesonsky explores the well-known ‘sweat the small stuff’ and ‘focus on the big picture’ mantras and comes up with an intriguing conclusion.

Resist the Time Suck from Get Rich Slowly. This is great for all those who struggle with productivity… and let’s face it, that’s everyone some of the time. 🙂

I Might Need 3 Million to Retire. What’s Your Number? from Consumerism Commentary. This is an important consideration for all home business owners, because we’ve got to look out for ourselves!

Let Pass. An Excellent Online Identity Management Tool from Online Reputation Edge. This is a great new tool for home business owners to explore!

Look out for posts later this week on Homepreneur mistakes and how to find customers. Feel free to drop a comment or question or just say hi!

Have a great week readers 🙂


Homepreneur Mistake: Spending Like a Big Business

Home business owners often fall prey to the notion that you have to spend money to make money. While this can be true to a certain extent, there is a limit to how much spending is prudent or practical for the size and type of business in question.

Big Businesses Have Bigger Budgets

It is a mere fact that big businesses will have bigger budgets, so a home business owner that is on a spending path that can rival the neighborhood retail chain is surely in for some trouble. Keeping up with the Joneses in this instance will run a home business into the ground long before it manages to take off in earnest.

How to Resist the Urge to Splurge

Home business owners should take a step back if they are in the habit of indulging in runaway spending. The following tips can help to fight the temptation to spend.

1. Realize that Expenses Must be Justified

In business, expenses must be used towards a particular end. If there is no real justification for the spending then it is just frivolous and will not contribute to increased sales or profits. Spending must be tied to an end result or business goal and then and only then should the purchase be made. Revisiting your home business goals frequently can make it easier to identify worthy spending.

2. Challenge Yourself to Find a Bootstrap Alternative

    Home business owners should take up the challenge to find a cheaper alternative to established methods and techniques. For instance, there are many cost effective or even free ways to gain exposure and marketing leverage.

    3. Learn to Recognize Value For Money

    Finally, spending large amounts of money is not the only way to get a quality product or result. This type of price prejudice can be very costly because it blinds the home business owner to lower cost opportunities to achieve the same result.

    How do you think home businesses can save without sacrificing the quality of their product or service?

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    Best Blog Posts I’ve Read This Week 1st – 7th March 2010

    This week my blog reading produced some really interesting and informative finds. These posts offer some great ideas and tips that will jumpstart your week and pump up your motivation level. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

    The Socially Responsible Entrepreneur from Blogtrepreneur was insightful and it made being green an effortless choice.

    Business Owner’s Card Conundrum from Entrepreneur… discusses the toss up between using personal cards for business purposes or business cards that aren’t covered by the new laws.

    Finding the Real Key Economic Indicators for Small Business again from Entrepreneur… important information to process.

    Small Business to Start at Home from Create Liberty… manages to avoid giving actual ideas but still a worthwhile read. 🙂

    Have a productive week readers!

    Home Business Lessons From Tony Soprano

    March 5, 2010 2 comments

    No one can say that the characters of the Sopranos are a moral authority, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great resource for some very insightful principles.

    When in Doubt… Ask for Advice

    Tony Soprano, despite rising to the position of boss, was not averse to getting the opinions of others before making an important decision. Of course, his approach was always to disguise his indecision, but he still valued the opinion of others and appreciated that he may not always have the answer. This is priceless in a successful leader and business owner.

    Respect is All Important

    Tony Soprano demanded respect. Home business owners must seek to have the respect of its clients and employees (if any are hired) for the operation to reach its full potential. See The Dangers of Not Taking Your Home Business Seriously.

    Think Before You Act

    Despite being quick to anger Tony Soprano was a strategic thinker. He carefully thought about the consequences and counteractions of his decisions before he made a move. Home business owners would do well to mimic this trait and get in the habit of thinking things through before rushing to a decision.

    Don’t Expect Things to Come Easy

    Running a business is hard work. Tony often alluded to the fact that people didn’t understand the pressures of being boss not to mention his strained relationship with his mother and even father. In short, you may not have it easy, but home business owners should not be afraid of obstacles or hard work for that matter.

    Family is What It’s All About

    Finally, the overriding message throughout The Sopranos is that family is what it’s all about. Nothing is more important that your loved ones and this can be adapted directly into the life of the home business owner. Work can get out of hand, but always remember to rein it back into control so that you have time for your friends and family.

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    Home Business Tax Tips

    Uncle Sam is Serious About Home Business Taxes

    The tax season isn’t necessarily a joyous time of year, but home business owners who are familiar with some handy tax filling tips can usually survive tail in tact.

    Of course, there are some general issues that every home business owner should be aware of. First of all, it is important to make sure your home business qualifies for some of the deductions you may already be counting on. To do this you must ensure that your ‘office’ is a dedicated space and has been used continuously for this purpose.

    Tax Calculations Don't Have to Be Complex

    Secondly, it is necessary to have proper records. Hopefully, last year’s spring cleaning didn’t get to the receipts and expense accounts that will be needed as proof of your claims. Many home business owners get caught unawares because they have either misplaced or discarded important documents. Don’t be one of them!

    Finally, if you haven’t been introduced as yet, it’s time to get to know your common tax deductibles. This will help you to average your tax situation way ahead of time.

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    Best Blog Posts I’ve Read This Week 21st – 27th Feb

    February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

    On this fine Sunday morning I figured, what better way to start the week than with a medley of some of the most interesting and useful posts I’ve read from my fellow bloggers.

    To that end, I’ve compiled a short list of fantastic reading material to supplement your daily or weekly reading digest. 🙂

    SEO Tips that the Experts Don’t Always Tell You from The Small Business Blog

    Best Small Business Franchise Ideas to Start from Home Based Small Business Ideas

    Avoid Planning Paralysis with the One Page Business Plan from Blogtrepreneur

    How Do You Budget? from PT Money

    The Best Duration for a Podcast from Thinking Home Business

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! If you have any suggestions of posts you’ve read then by all means share a link in a comment.

    Look out for some more next Sunday!

    Homepreneur Business Idea: Online Writing

    February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

    Freelance writing has taken off as a career choice because of the ease with which it can be started. For literally no money down and armed with a computer, fast internet connection and a decent word processor aspiring writers can Write Articles that Generate Income and this in itself might seem like a Good Reason to Pursue Writing as a Career.

    There are many ways to make money from writing online. Freelancers may be able to pick up Tips for Making a Living Writing Articles for Helium or find Legitimate Sites that Pay Writers but one of because time equals money in the world of freelancing one of the most important skills is to find out How to Write Lots of Articles Quickly.

    If you are interested in becoming an online freelance writer you should also know How to Increase Passive Online Writing Income and pay close attention to the Steps to Freelancing Success.

    Homepreneur would like to find out if you found these tips useful, so please leave a comment or a question!