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Where Have All the Customers Gone?

Are You Looking for Customers on the Right Hunting Ground?

When all the fanfare fizzles out and your friends and family have all tried and bought whatever it is you’re selling, there can be a frightening stillness. Your sales can be so stagnant that you can almost hear the crickets chirping as if in mockery of your very serious plight.

Even if you have witnessed the hype surrounding your home business fade away into the wilderness you can still revive interest and improve your sales. You may need to turn on your powers of perception and bring out your inner hunter to find where your customers have gone.

Take a look at the following considerations.

Are You Hunting in the Right Places?

Just like a deer hunter probably won’t have any luck finding his prey in treacherous mountains, a home business owner needs to understand the habitat of his customer. It is important to have an ideal customer profile. This will tell you what your customers like, what they dislike and where they go for fun. These things will help you to figure out where to place your ads so they have a better chance of being seen.

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Are You Using the Right Strategy?

In the same way that you won’t expect to catch a deer with a mouse trap, home business owners should not expect to lure their customers using the wrong strategy. You need to find out what appeals to them and then use that as your marketing method of choice. If your customers are likely to surf the web, have a strong web presence, if they are the type to listen to talk radio, scoop up some spots during a talk program.

Are You Consistent and Patient?

Finally, sit back and wait. This can be the hardest part. There may be times when you question your approach and you feel like the money spent on marketing is not worth it, but holding the course (as long as you were right about your assumptions above) will produce great results.

Do you have any advice on how to find customers? I’d love to have people share their experiences by leaving a tip or two on how to find new customers in the comment section below!

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