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Home Business Lessons From Tony Soprano

March 5, 2010 2 comments

No one can say that the characters of the Sopranos are a moral authority, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great resource for some very insightful principles.

When in Doubt… Ask for Advice

Tony Soprano, despite rising to the position of boss, was not averse to getting the opinions of others before making an important decision. Of course, his approach was always to disguise his indecision, but he still valued the opinion of others and appreciated that he may not always have the answer. This is priceless in a successful leader and business owner.

Respect is All Important

Tony Soprano demanded respect. Home business owners must seek to have the respect of its clients and employees (if any are hired) for the operation to reach its full potential. See The Dangers of Not Taking Your Home Business Seriously.

Think Before You Act

Despite being quick to anger Tony Soprano was a strategic thinker. He carefully thought about the consequences and counteractions of his decisions before he made a move. Home business owners would do well to mimic this trait and get in the habit of thinking things through before rushing to a decision.

Don’t Expect Things to Come Easy

Running a business is hard work. Tony often alluded to the fact that people didn’t understand the pressures of being boss not to mention his strained relationship with his mother and even father. In short, you may not have it easy, but home business owners should not be afraid of obstacles or hard work for that matter.

Family is What It’s All About

Finally, the overriding message throughout The Sopranos is that family is what it’s all about. Nothing is more important that your loved ones and this can be adapted directly into the life of the home business owner. Work can get out of hand, but always remember to rein it back into control so that you have time for your friends and family.

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Homepreneur Business Idea: Online Writing

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

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There are many ways to make money from writing online. Freelancers may be able to pick up Tips for Making a Living Writing Articles for Helium or find Legitimate Sites that Pay Writers but one of because time equals money in the world of freelancing one of the most important skills is to find out How to Write Lots of Articles Quickly.

If you are interested in becoming an online freelance writer you should also know How to Increase Passive Online Writing Income and pay close attention to the Steps to Freelancing Success.

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