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How to Make the Most of a Tight Office Space

A small office is a challenge that most home business owners have to work around, but there are ways to do it in style and even comfort. Take a look at the tips below for some inspiration.

Plan Your Layout for Functionality

The home office is the hub of the business. This is where all the ideas are churned over into money-making ventures and the processes that support your hard work happen, so it needs to be functional. Cluttering and clogging the office space can lead to less creativity and lowered productivity levels so it is important that home business owners pay attention to this area. To plan for functionality think of all the activities that would need to be accommodated in the room. Working on the computer, filing, producing samples or meeting with clients might all need to take place in a tiny area. Jot down your dream list and then work out ways to build the functionality into the space.

Utilize Corners and Vertical Space

Corners and wall space are often ignored in a spacious office area, but when space is at a premium it pays to look at these underused areas with new eyes. The corner can be built out into a custom work station or command center for storing equipment. The wall can be outfitted with lean shelving options to keep things off the floor.

Think Multifunctional Furniture and Equipment

Why get three different machines when one will do the job. That means less surface space and less confusing cords to take care of. Furniture is the same. A desk with built in storage serves a double function and saves on space.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Purging is good for the soul but it is also great for business. Find out what you need to keep for tax and record keeping purposes and then discard the rest. Soon the office will actually feel lighter.

Let in the Light

Small home offices can start to feel closed in, but letting in as much light as possible helps to make the room feel a lot more airy and bright.

Just because you office space is tight doesn’t mean you have to work as if you were in a cave. Using you space well can make even the tiniest room feel like a palace.

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